Let's face it, we can't really SEE pharmacokinetics happening. We can detect concentrations and we can record the rise and fall. Evidence that concentrations relate directly to observed effects is strong. Predicting the effects of particular drug dosages is done with equations and models. That means math and graphs - eek! Kineticlass was created to help you look "around" the math and avoid the tedium of graphing so you can more easily see the relationships between drug dosage and clinical outcome.

Kineticlass modules describe real animals based on pharmacokinetic studies. Microsoft Excel® worksheets are provided to get the equations and the models (and even the calculators) out of the way so that you can work directly with dosage regimens, patient characteristics and clinical consequences. The emphasis in the "General" modules (4) is on pharmacokinetic parameters and dose manipulation. "Application" modules (6) address specific clinical issues with greater emphasis on pharmacokinetics in veterinary patients.

Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine