Module 6 questions - Safer aminoglycoside dosage (Clinical challenge)
  1. The Cave value is the same for both simulations and at all clearance settings. Why is this so?

    Cave is determined only by Clt and the dose rate (mg/kg/hr). These variables are the same for both simulations at each clearance setting.

  2. Which regimen is more certain to produce bactericidal concentrations? Remember, you are unlikely to KNOW the MBC for a particular bacterial infection. You are interested in improving the ODDS that the bacteria is exposed to sufficiently high concentrations.

    The (much) higher peak produced by the large dose long interval regimen (pulse dosing) is more likely to establish "cidal" concentrations (associated with Cmax).

  3. If you do not know the patient's renal status, which regimen is less likely to result in toxicity?

    The large dose long interval is more likely to allow concentrations to fall adequately during every dose interval (associated with Cmin).

  4. Which regimen is more likely allows the plasma concentrations to fall so low that the bacteria start to regrow at the end of each dose interval?

    The large dose long interval is more likely to cause concentrations to fall and allow bacteria to grow during every dose interval (Cmin).